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Excellent residential roofing service in Lawton.Lawton Roofing Ventures is the best roofing service in the area, and we don’t mind saying it! Our roofing pros are certified and insured so that our customers know they’re getting the very best service available. When you need residential roofing services, We’ve got you covered! If it’s commercial services you’re interested in, We’ve got you covered! It’s our slogan, but it truly means something to us… No matter what type of roofing services you need, Lawton Roofing Ventures says, We’ve got you covered!

We use only the best materials and equipment to make sure that every job is completed to perfection. Customers always have their choice material type and grade, but our excellent workmanship comes standard! For us, excellent service and superior skills are things we demand of ourselves. No governing body imposes these standards on us!

The way we’ve always chosen to do business is to put the customer first. When we do that, we’re able to gain their trust and loyalty. Excellent customer service is what keeps our customers coming back, so that’s exactly what we’ll continue to

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offer. Besides the obvious benefit of gaining our customers’ repeat business, we get the satisfaction of knowing that each of them is 100% pleased when we’re finished!

Every part of the roofing business is important to us, so we push ourselves in every area.


Professional Service

You should always choose a Lawton roofing company that is experienced in all types of roofing installation and repair. We guarantee that the professional, courteous treatment that you’ll receive from Lawton Roofing Ventures is far and away better than anything you’ll experience with another local roofing service!

Affordable Prices

Lawton Roofing Ventures is also the most reasonably priced roofing contractor you’ll find. Our customers deserve prices they can afford, especially for services they’re going to need most in emergencies. Roofing services are expensive, but in the right hands, your roof repair is an investment that will bring you peace of mind for years to come.

Wide-ranging Services

Our skilled roofers can do everything from metal roofing to authentic wood shingles and everything in between. We can offer you advice based on years of experience in the roofing industry, so whether it’s roof leak repair or a completely new installation, you’ll get the benefit of our vast knowledge and all the services you could possibly need to keep you roof in excellent shape!


When you have a leaking roof or suspect damage after a recent storm, you need a roofing company you can trust. Lawton Roofing Ventures has nothing to gain by misleading customers, overcharging them, or upselling for services they really don’t need. Therefore, you can trust us to give you the highest quality services and know that you’re getting exactly what you pay for!

Lawton Roofing Ventures Services

Our services are for everyone, from homeowners to commercial property owners. The roof of your home or business needs to be in good shape because it protects everything you own. Don’t leave your valuables and your family’s safety to chance. Choose the only Lawton roofing company that offers all of the following services at Lawton Roofing Ventures:

Joplin Roofing Ventures keeps our prices on all roofing services as affordable as possible.

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is a service that Lawton-area residents need in all forms – repairs, replacements, inspections, and more. Homeowners in the area depend on us for all their residential roofing needs for reliable services provided by a local roofing contractor they can trust.

Professional roof inspector assessing roof damage in Joplin.

Roof Inspection

It’s so important to have your roof inspected regularly in order to catch problems before they become costly and difficult to repair. When you think it’s time for a roof inspection, it probably is, so don’t hesitate to call Lawton Roofing Ventures for professional, efficient roof inspections.

Affordable roof repair service in Lawton.

Roofing Repair

No two roof leak repair projects are the same, so you’ll need one of our thorough roof inspections in order to determine the best course of action. Our team has handled many different types of roof repairs, from a leaking roof to replacing damaged panels of metal roofing, so no job is too big or too small for us!

Roof Replacement

After a number of years, it will be necessary to replace your roof. Advancements in manufacturing technologies have lengthened the normal lifespan of virtually every type of roof, so you can expect 20 or more years of dependability from your roof no matter what type you have. If your roof gets damaged, you may find yourself replacing it much sooner. Only Lawton Roofing Ventures can replace your roof quickly and restore the protection that your roof provides!

Our professional builders can work on roof replacement for your house in Lawton.

Commercial Roofing

Your business needs vary greatly from your personal ones. Even when it comes to property maintenance, you’ll usually need to call a different contractor for your residential and commercial services. However, that’s not true for roofing services anymore! Lawton Roofing Ventures is a single company that can handle your residential and commercial roofing needs! Other roofing companies specialize in one or the other, but we have taken the time to do both.

Our services offer the best commercial roofing service in Lawton.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Your insurance company can become difficult when it’s time to pay up after you’ve had major roof damage. Instead of dealing with them by yourself, let Lawton Roofing Ventures help you file that insurance claim so that you can get the money you deserve to make the necessary repairs. Few roofing companies in the area or in the state, for that matter, will go the extra mile for you the way we will to assist you with your complicated insurance claim!

We offer everything you could ever need to care for your roof.
When you’ve considered all the facts, there’s only one company that will exceed your expectations in every area of service, and that’s Lawton Roofing Ventures! Our customers will tell you that a personal investment in each of them is the signature quality of Lawton Roofing Ventures, and it’s what brings them back to us for emergency roof repair, thorough roof inspections, commercial roofing services, and complete roof replacements.

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