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Image of a professional doing roof inspection for insurance claims.Lawton Roofing Ventures is happy to assist our customers with insurance claims assistance in times of crisis! Homeowners are often overwhelmed by storm damages and don’t know where to start, and the insurance company can be less than cooperative in getting you the money you need to make repairs. You have roofing insurance coverage for a reason, and it’s very frustrating when you can’t access it easily! That’s where our experienced team will step in and take a weight off your shoulders!

Most home and business owners don’t have the experience it’s going to take to deal with their insurance company effectively. The majority of them don’t really understand what their policies cover and how much roofing insurance coverage they actually have. If you allow Lawton Roofing Ventures to help you with professional insurance claims assistance, you could have access to more money and cut the time you have to deal with the insurance company in half!

When it comes to insurance claims assistance, we can help our customers in a variety of ways:

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Performing inspections

We can follow up and perform an inspection after the insurance adjuster has checked out the damage, giving you a reliable second opinion about the services they claim you need or don’t need. This will give you peace of mind that your roof will be better than ever once the repairs or replacement is finished.

Clarification of policy

One of our team members will gladly sit down with you to go over your insurance policy to help you understand what is covered and what you may be paying out of pocket for. Storm and weather damage usually is, while other situations may be less clear.

Following procedure

Doing things in the right order can be the difference between getting the maximum insurance claim and getting nothing at all. Don’t make a rookie mistake when help is readily available at Lawton Roofing Ventures!


We can work directly with the insurance company if you want us to, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication and making the entire process run more smoothly. Our staff can provide the insurance company with all the information they need to file your claim, and you won’t have to do a thing!
Roof repairs are some of the most expensive you’ll have after a storm. You should never be responsible for paying these costs out of pocket if you have home insurance. The work done by Lawton Roofing Ventures is worth every penny because it is always done by professionals who know how to repair damage or make efficient replacements that will protect you and your family from further damages and expenses.

It shouldn’t be difficult to file an insurance claim for roof damage, but some companies make it that way. Save yourself the stress by letting us handle it for you. We deal with insurance companies every day, so we know what it takes to get customers’ claims filed fast. Choose Lawton Roofing Ventures for the help you need with your roofing insurance coverage questions and concerns!

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